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Heather Woelfel — Certified Instructor

A few years ago I was happily running 9 miles every Saturday morning, never giving a thought to my form.  All I knew was I loved getting out and pounding the pavement.  Then my IT Bands raised their ugly head and before I knew it I could barely make it around the block.  Several doctors said it was severe enough I needed to consider surgery! 

The day I found ChiRunning was the day I got myself on the road to recovery.  By the time I went to a workshop with Danny I was hooked.  Six months later I started the process of becoming an instructor.

I was a school teacher for 19 years before heading off into the business world.  ChiRunning allows me to combine my love of teaching with my love of running.

Join me for one of my workshops and learn all that ChiRunning can do for you!

Heather Woelfel

Kingwood, Houston, and Austin




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