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Lawrence Tan — Certified Instructor

I am a WSF qualified squash coach (World Squash Federation) with many years of coaching experience and am now a Certified Chi Running Instructor.

Running keeps our body and mind active and it has also improve my other activiy (i.e. squash) to the next level. Running has not been so enjoyable before I started ChiRunning. I have ran numerous races till today and running without pain is even more importance as it allows me to continue to do my other activities without having to rest for recovery.

If you have been wondering but do not know how you could get started running and running without pain or how you could improve your running. Message me for a discussion and let me share the knowledge of efficient pain-free running/walking (ChiRunning/Chiwalking) that I have learned from our ChiRunning/ChiWalking founder, Danny Dryer and practice these techniques together and gets you going.

Lawrence Tan

Singapore & Asia




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