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Jeff Howard — Senior Instructor

Meet Coach Jeff Howard. Known to many as “Heatrunner”
  ~ Sr. Instructor Chi Running
  ~ USATF Level 1 Certified Coach
  ~ Certified Chi Running Instructor
  ~ Certified Master Coach Injury Free Running
  ~ Certified Lifetime Fitness 1:1 Run Coach
  ~ Masters elite runner
  ~ Former Tennis Professional (USPTR, USPTA)
When people ask why did I continue my training and obtain certifications from Chi Running, USATF and Lifetime Fitness, my answer is very simple: I truly want others to enjoy all that running has to offer, to maximize the benefits while greatly reducing their risk of injury. Also, I want to enable others to reach their running goals whether they are a beginner, intermediate or elite runner, 5k to marathon. Available for individual or small group instruction.

For more than two decades, Jeff has coached athletes of all levels and abilities. Primary areas of focus help runners of all ages:

  ~ Build a sound foundation that minimizes injuries and improves performance
  ~ Develop efficient technique, aligned bio-mechanics that deliver maximum forward momentum with minimal effort (Use less energy. Avoid the Wall)
  ~ Reducing impact that cause stress related injuries. Some common one’s: Plantar Fasciitis, IT Band, Patella Tendinitis, etc.)
  ~ Performance and road race training
  ~ Training Programs 5k to marathon
  ~ Specialty improving age group runner’s performance: PRs and achieving 1st 2nd – 3rd place finishes 

As a coach, he has helped a number of runners achieve PRs and their first 1st place finish. As Masters runner, he has won the Masters division title multiple times while completing 40 races ranging from 5k to marathon.

Background: As a 16 a year old Sr., Jeff walked-on to the high school team cross country posting an impressive 4:42 mile and 10:00 minute two mile resulting in runner-up for both MVP and Scholar Athlete (lost by 1/100th). Although recruited to run collegiately, he chose tennis and also walked-on to the basketball team as a Freshman. Following college Jeff pursued professional tennis and his graduate degree.

Running as training: His tennis mentor, Dennis Van Der Meer, who was also Billie Jean King’s tennis coach, introduced him to several elite runners and coaches as moving efficiently was as integral to tennis training as sound stroke biomechanice.  Early on he learned “being the best one can be” meant smart work-outs combined with sound recovery. This fundamental approach avoided debilitating injuries, providing the foundation for wellness and winning.

Two key fundamentals for success were intertwined in each sport he played: Proper Technique and Performance Optimization. Technique delivers efficiency so that every movement takes the least amount of effort with minimal impact to the body, yet, maximum transfer of energy into desired motion. Performance drills optimize physiology, the capacity to achieve the best possible results. Combining the two creates enables the athlete to achieve and do so improving their health and well-being while avoiding many injuries along the way.

Why did Jeff get into Chi Running, see its value and want to share with others? “A long time friend and running coach relentlessly urged me to run a race. Reluctantly agreed as long as he agreed to never bring racing up again. I saw no reason to pay money to run nor get up early to do so. At the end of the 25k my friend told me that I could raise a donations for autism charities.  Thus, my journey as a runner, an educated and trained runner began.”

Over the next few years he noticed many runners repeatedly getting hurt with the similar issues. In the clubs he participated those affected by injuries of some sort or another was exceeded 50% with more than half incurring the same or similar injury each season. The injury rate exceded that of any team he had ever played including football. Made no sense given lesser contact and that every runner was an adult and could make the mature decision to run or recover as well as to modify their running techniques and training to prevent such. Once again Jeff and his friend the running coach connected. He gave Jeff Chi Running to read. “I knew stress related injuries in tennis were often rooted in deficient biomechanics, improper approach or execution of the athlete’s training and recovery process, often both. Was it the same with running? The answer was, ‘Yes, and more prevalent. Needlessly so.’ Chi Running and Walking are a phenomenal means for perfecting technique and running with less stress. Less stress and a proper training approach results in less injuries and better performances.  I take great pleasure in sharing what I have leaned to help runners of all ages improve their mechanics and avoid the impact that leads to injury. You will run more efficiently which equals running further, faster.

Run Well & Run More, Faster & Further!” Jeff

Jeff Howard





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