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David Storch — Certified Instructor

I was always active with sports, but real running started end of 2007, when I broke my arm and began running to keep shape. It didn’t take long until I got addicted and 1 year later (October 2008) I ran my first full marathon in Munich.

Since then, I‘ve been running non-stop, having completed 24 full marathons, including Boston, New York, London, Berlin (5 times) and many others.

In 2010, looking for more efficiency and to improve personal records, I found Chi Running, thank to David Saltmarsh, an amazing senior instructor that helped me to get into Chi Running technique.

What was my surprise when I changed my technique and I found much more than just better results?
Today I run with no injuries (something not possible in the past), using any time of the year for the thing I most like: running and doing sports.

And it was not all! Thanks to Chi Running I simply started running more relaxed, not feeling muscles exhausted and getting more joy of it. I simply went from finishing marathons and not being able to walk for some days to finishing marathons in a strong mode and sightseeing just a couple of hours after the finish line, being able even to dance! Not mentioning the better results I get today!

On top of all, my joints are no longer subject to high impact caused by my previous bad technique. I can consider running a low impact sport and my ankles and knees are safe. Now I know I will be able to run at any age!

Well, if I got all of this from Chi Running, it was not fair to just use it for myself. I needed to spread this, to make sure more people could benefit of running with a good technique and decided to become an instructor.

Now I’m certified and able to help you running with good technique, reducing injury risks, improving efficiency and making it more pleasant, no matter if you want it to run races, to do running properly, to do sports even with a history of injury records or any other reason you might have.

I offer several different ways to help you on running with technique, such as workshops (1st and 2nd level), follow ups, personal training, and personal coaching for marathons, half-marathons, 10k and 5k. I’m also available to provide speeches on running techniques and injury prevention.

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David Storch

Germany, Spain and Portugal


+ 49 162 13 66 190


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