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Melissa Descheemaeker — Certified Instructor

Melissa was a high school & college sprinter/hurdler. The love for long distance running began for Melissa in her early 20’s. For 30+ years, she has participated in running events ranging from 5Ks to marathons. There were many times during those years that Melissa was sidelined with injury. After completing the Boston Marathon in 2012, Melissa decided that a change was necessary and proper technique would be the path to continued running and injury prevention. She attended her first individual ChiRunning instruction in December of 2012. That instruction led to a day long training with Danny in January of 2013. Melissa was hooked! She has a sincere desire to share this technique with others. Melissa has experience as a high school/middle school teacher and coach. She would love to help bring the joy of running/walking to you!

Melissa Descheemaeker

Central and Western Montana


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