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How I became a Chi Running Coach

When I first heard of Chi Running and Chi Walking I had spent the last 30 years of my professional life as a personal and business coach. Specifically I helped people who wanted to start a business to get through all the steps of taking their idea and turning it into an actual functioning business. To do this I had to train my clients and their staff on the skills they needed to make this happen so I have spent almost my entire adult life teaching people various skills. Out of all the things I’ve taught I find Chi Running to be one of the most fun and rewarding.

Prior to learning about Chi Running I ran only as a way to stay fit and because I liked the way I felt after I ran. I wasn’t an athlete and had never run an organized race of any kind.  Most days I would run two or three miles before breakfast but I had never had any training or coaching of any kind about running. I had also been a smoker for over thirty years before I finally quite so although I was in reasonably good health I was by no means a jock or fitness fanatic.

Then after reaching my mid-fifties I started to notice that my hips and lower back would sometimes hurt after my morning run so I decided to do some research. I read about Chi Running and Chi Walking in the book “Run Until You’re 100” by Jeff Galloway and decided to try it. I found out that Senior Chi Running Instructor Donna Melville lived in my area so I signed up for her workshop. That one day workshop changed me forever.

I discovered that not only was I not running and walking with the best technique, but that the way I was running was almost guaranteed to cause me injury. I was shocked to find out that most runners regularly injure themselves due to not knowing correct running technique. I also discovered that by using Chi Running I could run further and with less effort than I’d ever imagined.

About a week after that first one day workshop I was running and met up with my Chi Running Instructor Donna near the end of a 6 K run. She was just starting her run and invited me to join her. So I came along and was surprised to realize that by the end of that run I had just gone about 12 kilometers. I wasn’t exhausted and honestly felt that I could do the same distance again without any trouble but I thought that it might be best to wait and see how I felt the next day before trying it. I got up next morning expecting to feel some stiffness or soreness from my previous days’ run but there was none whatsoever. I was thrilled and decided to test myself the next time I ran and see if I actually could run twice as far as I had.  I did and ran 21 kilometers with no problem. That’s a half marathon! Here I was at age 56 and after one workshop and about two weeks practice I could run a half marathon!? Again I expected to “feel it” the next day but again there was nothing! No pain, no soreness. I could hardly believe it so I decided to really investigate Chi Running to be sure I wasn’t on some kind of runner’s high that was making me delusional.

What I found out amazed me even more. I read about 42 year old, mother of two and full time accountant, Julie Weiss A.K.A. “The Marathon Goddess” who, after learning about Chi Running, ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise money for Cancer research. And she did it without a single injury. I saw that Chi Running has been scientifically proven to produce less impact and higher efficiency when compared to other common styles of running in a one year study done at the University of North Carolina in 2012.  One of the most valuable things I learned was that the Chi Running techniques don’t just train you on how to run but more importantly how to correctly use your body and how to make the simple act of walking into a very dramatic way to change your health and wellbeing.

All these things were amazing but what shocked me the most was that of all the runners and walkers in the world very few knew about Chi Running and that most of them were still out there slowly damaging their bodies every time they went running or walking and didn’t know it. So I decided to get certified and make it my business to teach as many people as possible about Chi Running and Chi Walking.

I did my Instructor Training in San Francisco in 2013 and also interned in Vancouver under Danny Dreyer the founder of Chi Running later that year. I’m very happy to now be able to offer Chi Running in the Victoria area and invite you to give me a call and set up a time to have a FREE Introductory ChiRunning Lesson and see for yourself what it can do for you. I hope to hear from you soon.

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