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Nicole Lee — Certified Instructor

I work full time in the health care industry for the past 25 years and currently working in pharmaceutical research. I started consistently running and racing half and full marathons 3 years ago. 

My philosophy in running is to run efficiently, effectively and injury free.  Chi Running has helped me achieve my running goals.  Through running, it has enhanced my quality of life in all aspects.  I hope to share and inspire more women of my age to unleash the joy and potential of this sport.  I like to share to all runners who have had to stop running due to injuries to restart this sports injury free.

I am a registered nurse by training and certified in sport massage and trigger point therapy.

I live in Singapore but travel often within Asia Pacific for work.  Please contact me if you would like to learn about Chi Running.

Nicole Lee

Singapore and Asia


+65 8125 4668


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