Danby Paterson — Certified Instructor

Whether you consider yourself a runner or a walker or someone in between, I can help you take “steps” to become more efficient and pain free. 

Before I was introduced to ChiRunning, I suffered from IT Band issues, pulled hamstrings, plantar fasciitis….you name, I had it.  I heard about a ChiRunning clinic at my local running store and everything that the instructor was saying and demonstrating made so much sense!  Finally a technique that offered a gentle approach to a beloved activity that is so often perceived as “hard on the body and joints”. From that day forward, I never looked back. 
I have been practicing ChiRunning and ChiWalking for over 3 years and I became a certified ChiWalking/ChiRunning instructor in June of 2014.  My goal is to help ChiLiving founders, Danny and Katherine Dreyer, spread the word that there IS a better way to run and/or walk that is more efficient and reduces the risk of injury.

Contact me today for a private lesson, group lesson/workshop (up to 8 people).  Each lesson will contain video analysis so you can see first hand how much you improve and things you may need to work on.

“May your best miles be covered on Foot”- Big Peach Running Company


Danby Paterson

Phila, PA & TriState Area




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