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Ian Hough — Certified Instructor

As the driving force behind RUNFIT, I want to share my knowlage and experience, inspire runners to complete their own personal challenges and to enjoy experiences through running and fitness. My passion for running started at a young age; representing Kent at the English schools and going on to compete at a senior level for Kent, South Of England and the City of Sheffield AC over 800m and 1500m.

After suffering a series of running related injuries that put pay to me competing i was keen to continue with running, and in an effort to prevent further injuries started to look at how to improve my running form.

In 2010 I discovered Chi Running; a technique to reduce injuries and increase efficiency. Since adopting principles of Chi Running I haven’t looked back. I was so impressed with this technique in enhancing performance that in September 2012 I went to North Carolina to train to become one of a handful of UK Certified Instructors.

Since, I have become the RUNFIT ‘expert’ on biomechanical advice and gait analysis.

With over 20 years of running experience I am also a certified UKA Leader in Running Fitness

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Ian Hough

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