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Laura Houston — Master Instructor

Laura has been teaching Chi Running and Chi Walking since 2006. She first came across it in 2005 while training for Vancouver International marathon, and feels it helped her qualify for the Boston marathon. Chi Running had such a profound impact on her running, increasing her endurance and reducing her recovery time, that she wanted to share it with others. She was trained by Master Instructor Chris Griffin, and has traveled around the country on numerous occasions, assisting Danny Dreyer, or helping Master Instructor Mary Lindahl train new instructors. She has enjoyed helping others experience pain free running and walking, and loves the ‘aha’ moments her clients have when it clicks in their body. Laura’s job to show you ‘how’; your job to ‘feel it’ and learn the language of your body. This is what Laura loves doing most - helping you make that connection to bring the joy and pleasure back into your running and walking! (photo credit - Glenn Tachiyama)

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