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Thierry Lerinckx — Certified Instructor

I have spent 10 years as a competitive triathlete (amateur) during which I continually pushed myself to improve my running speed & endurance, but it kept eluding me and running remained my weakest discipline.
Eventually I got injured so often that I understood something was wrong. I then embarked on a search for efficiency and after trying Pose running shortly I found Chi-running which led me to change my goals. I wanted to find the path to sustainable running and finally dropped out of the competitive mindset that used to drive me. I have been practicing Chi-Running on my own for several years now and have realised it’s more a journey than a goal in itself. Have I “nailed” the perfect technique? NO, that would be sad, moreover I think such thing doesn’t exist. Perfection lies in the endless perfecting of an art for itself.

Recent events in my professional career and the great enjoyment I now experience running have led me to play with the idea of becoming an instructor. In oriental martial arts one says that at a certain point a student can learn further by teaching others.

So here I am, on a mission: Chi Running is too good to keep to myself and I want to share it with others and help this great method to reach the popularity it deserves.

Thierry Lerinckx

I teach in Antwerp and eventually in the Flemish part of Belgium. I am also fluent in French and English and I am flexible and open minded. So give me a call for more possibilities.


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