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David Jonson — Certified Instructor

For David, running was a great way for him to stay in shape and although he loved running, running didn’t love him! He had an old football injury while playing at Western Carolina University that would flair up every time he would hit the road to get back in shape. “It wasn’t until I purchased Vibrams and changed my running form that the pain and discomfort was no longer an issue.” David continues, “this is when the light turned on and the wheels begin to turn. Using ChiRunning running techniques, I was able to run pain free for longer distances with less fatigue and injury.” Leaving his job as a coach and teacher at a local private school, he began to pursue the minimalist running opportunity as a business opening one of the first seven stores in the nation dedicated to the natural form of running like ChiRunning.

He began to teach and coach others about natural running and minimalist footwear. It all came together with Chirunning. A great system that is teachable and learnable for anyone walking or running. He offers private lessons as well as group workshops and free introductory clinics.

Also, as a USATF certified Track and Field coach, he has taught and coached numerous students and athletes and has over 20 years experience in the business world. Visit us online for more information at http://www.newsolerunning.com

David Jonson

McDonough, Georgia




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