Sarah Lovelidge — Certified Instructor

Off and on throughout my life, I have run.  It wasn’t until I was in my early fifties that I took a training class from the local running shop and realized that I really do love to run.  This began a quest for the perfect form.  How could I move my body in the best way – in a way that allowed me to move with efficiency?  What about breathing?  What other ways could I improve my movement?  So I was looking without realizing that I was looking. 

Shortly after getting into running, I was visiting my brother and his family. I spotted a book on their bookshelf. . .”Chi Running”, by Danny Dryer.  I quickly scanned the blurb – “Energy efficiency, injury prevention!” What! I turned to my sister-in-law – “Lisa, what’s this?  Where did you get it?”  It turned out that they had been given the book in a box with other books.  They chose a few to put on the shelf.  I practically demanded that they let me take the book, and the rest is my personal running history.  Within a few months I had taken a life-changing level one class.  Then it was a full day of level two with Danny. Next, certified instructor training. Dozens of races under my belt.

I am running regularly and loving the confidence I have in my stride, breath, and technique.  It would be my pleasure to share what I have learned with you, either in a private class or a small group, your area or mine.  Hit my email button below to begin the conversation leading to your running future!

Sarah Lovelidge

North Eastern Maryland


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