Mandy Wisely — Certified Instructor

Until a few years ago, the only running I was doing was amuck. I’m a non athlete’s athlete, occasionally outrun by my mascara. I take my running inspiration from dogs in the park and anyone having fun at the back of the pack.

Five years ago i regarded all those poor suckers slogging it out in short shorts with a mixture of scorn and derision. I’m still not into the slog and you’ll never catch me in short shorts but i’m writing this because Chi Running transformed my life and I’m certain it can do the same for everyone.

If you’re like me and were built for comfort, not speed; if you subscribe to the “No Pain, No Pain” philosophy, I can help you fly using only the gentlest of discipline. I will be the wind beneath your wings, particularly if your opener is “God I hate running!”

And if you’re already on your way to running legend, but you’re injured or you need to improve your time or you just want to have more fun, I’m there for you too. This technique works. Just by learning to breathe properly, I took a minute off my pace and after attending my last Chi Running workshop, I took ten minutes off my 10K running hills instead of my usual flats. I finish long runs with a sprint and a smile.

If you’d love to say “F-yeah!” instead of just “F!” when you’re both starting and finishing your runs, if you’re interested in running to add life to your days as well as days to your life, shoot me an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Mandy Wisely

South West Western Australia


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