Else-Marie Haakonsen

I love walking and hiking in nature. But for years, due to back pain and low energy, I could do little of this. When I found ChiWalking, I experienced a remarkable improvement in my back and in the flow of Chi. In August 2011 I started sharing it, too, as an Instructor Candidate. After a short while these friends, all with different health issues, experienced less pain and more energy as well!                                                       

I appreciate ChiWalking because it enables me to walk with ease, get into good and healthy shape, practice great posture, and provides a daily Mindfulness Practice - focusing on posture and relaxation.

And there is more! Good posture and core strength is empowering. Body sensing and relaxation give stress reduction and help us get in touch with our feelings and needs.         

ChiWalking gives focus and centeredness in life.  It builds on principles I learned from Yoga and Chi Gong. To be able to apply these principles in daily life, however, standing at the kitchen counter, walking about the house, down the street, in the woods- I needed the unique ChiWalking Method. ChiWalking makes a huge difference in my life. I’m so grateful I came across it and got to meet Danny and Katherine Dreyer (and many others!) in Chi Week 2011. 
I attended the CRCW Instructor Training in April 2012. I have been in education for many years and I’m trained as a Zen Coach.

I live in Asker and work in the Oslo area, with small groups and individual sessions. But of course I would welcome a request from any part of Norway.

Sharing the gift of ChiWalking is truly meaningful.

Else-Marie Haakonsen





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