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Polly Menendez — Certified Instructor

I discovered Chi Running around 2005, when I decided to try doing triathlons.  I was looking for ways to improve my swimming, when I came across the Chi Running book.  At the time, I had no hope for my running but thought I could get through a 10 K run.  I am now in my mid-fifties. I gave up on running in my mid-twenties due to poor “alignment/ posture”.  Chi Running opened the door to the possibility for change.

When I found Chi Running, I had already been working on changing some of my long term postural habits, through Yoga and bodywork (Structural Integration).  The practice of running, with Chi Running focuses, gave ACTION to the changes I was trying to make.  I am not an elite athlete, but I have a regular running practice of 15-20 miles a week and occasionally run half marathons.

I love the simplicity and availability of running and walking.  I owe my ability to walk and run long distances, in comfort, to Chi Running and Walking.

The Chi Running and Walking principle of “Gradual Progress”  is particularly important to me.  I believe we can all make changes, as long as we are alive.  But, the rate of change and the nature of the changes are unique to each person.  Chi Running and Walking have a host of wonderful skills that are taught on the road to easeful and joyful running and walking.

I enjoy teaching Chi Running and Walking in groups and privately, to offer the possibility of more comfortable running and walking. 

I also work as a Physical Therapist and Bodyworker where my goals are similar to Chi Running and Walking - to find ease in posture and movement.

Polly Menendez

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