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I think all runners are Chi runners, whether you are into the Eastern philosophy behind it or are attracted to the mechanics of proper alignment.  Running is special, often magical, it is no doubt life altering and Runners are certainly a special breed of people. A runner strives to be in tune with their bodies to enhance the run for many reasons, such as physical fitness, health, mental health, weight loss, the list of benefits is never ending.  There is no denying the pleasure from a “perfect run”. We have all had them. The perfect weather the cooling breeze that keeps pushing at your back, your feet light as air, your breath to the rhythm of your heart and God help us, all in the perfect pair of running shoes!  The “golden run”, is when all these things come together. It is proper alignment, it is “Chi” the vital energy that unites body , mind, and spirit!  Chi Running can teach you how to optimize this flow of energy in your body!

I can show you the focuses to apply to your running or walking to get you on your way to energy efficiency and most importantly injury free running or walking.  I believe we really can enjoy running forever! 

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or have yet to run your first mile I can teach you techniques that can be applied immediately.  You will be nothing short of amazed from the before and after personal video analysis. 

Zak and Nikki make up the SOLEINTENT team, offering certified Chi Running workshops through out Central Florida.  Team workshops with two coaches (6:1 max ratio) offer a synergistic approach to teaching the ChiRunning focuses and coordinating efforts to maximize understanding of the ChIRunning principles. 

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Workshops and Private Instruction include a before and after VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS.  Exercises and drills include posture, lean, ankle lift and arm swing. Full-foot landing, cadence and pace will also be covered.

- Half and full day workshops
- Private individual sessions
- Private group sessions
- Introductory talks at local Central Florida locations
Please e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call me at
407-448-9837 for workshop information or to set up a private session.
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