In May of 2008 I was overweight and out of shape. My daughter said, “Popie, Gramie and I have been worried about you and I think ‘Little Bug’ needs to have you around for a while…”

I said I would see if I could lose a bit of weight and get into better shape. Within a year I had lost 90 lbs and was in the best shape I had been in since high school. I took up running and stumbled onto Chi Running while searching for yoga exercises for runners. I bought the books and took a workshop. Six to eight weeks into my exploration of Chi Running I had increased my pace by over half a minute per km and lowered my heart rate significantly.


In April of 2010, I had VO2 Max testing done and found that I tested in the top 10% of 20 year olds, I am in my mid 50’s.


I decided that I wanted to learn more about Chi Running and Walking and becoming certified to teach seemed like a good way to do that. I took several workshops with local instructors and with Danny when he was here in Ottawa. I spent a year working on the home study and practice portion and then took my certification course in February of 2011 in Florida with Mary Lindahl and several candidate instructors. I assisted Kathy Griest delivering a four-day introduction to Chi Running in July 2011. This was a very nice way to do a course, and allows a lot of opportunity to run with students between teaching sessions.


Chi Running has helped me to get in shape and stay in shape. It has allowed me to run with my son and grandsons. We did a 5 km run in May of 2011 and then I did a half marathon with my oldest grandson the next day.


Part of what attracted me to Chi Running is a description that Danny wrote that was very similar to a blog I wrote on what I call “Magical Runs”. The difference was that Danny explained form focuses that increase the likelihood of having a “Magical Run”, where for me, they were a random occurrences.


For the last year, I have also added Tai Chi Chuan to my fitness practice. It is certainly not necessary to do Tai Chi to do Chi Running or Chi Walking, however, I have found it to be very beneficial to my overall fitness practice and to my Chi Running. Chi Running and Chi Walking have multiplied my enjoyment of running.


I bring to my courses, my love of running,  technical skills of Chi Running and Chi Walking, my experience as a Tai Chi practitioner, many years of personal and employment counseling and my personal experience of creating a new life for myself.



Ottawa ON Canada




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