Sue Young-Johnson — Senior Instructor

Gaining that sense of calm with enormous total mind- body benefits through exercise has been ingrained in my soul at an early age.  Both of my parents grew up on farms, so eating well and long hikes were common – I love the outdoors.  I grew up riding my bike, ran track in school, gymnastics in college.  One of the greatest challenges of my life has been the death of my daughter (1992) who was born with “special needs” – however, I always said that “I” was the one that had the special needs and she fulfilled those needs.  I knew what I had to do to maintain my health and attitude for my 3 boys that needed me.  My natural instinct guided me towards the outdoors, walking trails, road biking, mountain biking, yoga, going back to school for my Bachelors of Fine Arts and helping other grieving siblings through art therapy.  I believe that being an oldest child of 7 has instilled great moral and ethical standards in my life and I feel that at the ripe age of 57 I make some pretty good decisions that will enhance and nurture my life.
Chi Running/Walking has been a part of my life now since 2009.  At the age of 55, I decided to train for my first half-marathon in Austin, TX (Feb. 2010).  I became injured during my training with an IT-Band injury.  I just knew that how I was running was not working and there just had to be a better “way”.  Chi Running made so much sense to me and was a perfect “fit” for my existing mindset – yes, running more efficiently and injury free!  Sign me up!  Chi Running helped me finish the half in 2:25 with minimal recovery.  This was my first experience with distance running and the beginning of another venture I would want to pursue!  I always did short distances- 5K’s and 10k’s and most are first place in my age group!  My current PB in a 5k is 23:45 (pre-Chi, 27:50) and my current PB in a half-marathon is 1:54.  I could see myself liking this running idea more and more which led me to become an instructor (2012).  I find myself “relaxing” more into my Chi form as I progress in my self-discovery – as Danny has said, “we are always a work in progress” which means my form can always get even better,  and that is totally great news!
Inspiring people to want to transform their health and balance through the “practice” of ChiRunning/Walking has and continues to contribute towards my own personal growth and satisfaction.
I am having so much fun!  Here’s a special “Shout out” to Danny and Katherine and all the great fellow instructors and staff!
I love teaching workshops whether private lessons or small groups in Springfield and other cities in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. I also invite talks and presentations to small and large organizations.

Special thanks to the following opportunities:
*Instructor of the month for April, 2013
*Assisted Danny Dreyer - 1 day workshop, California, February 2012; 4 day workshop Kripalu retreat center, May 2013; 1 day workshop Houston, TX, October 2013, 5 day workshop Kripalu retreat center May 2014
• Dynamic Body – venue for workshops and Wellness and Health expos – 2012-ongoing
• Wellness Concepts (Health and Fitness evening 2012)
• Bass Pro Fitness Festival expo   participant and presenter (2012, 2013)
• Girls on The Run Coach (2012)
• Girls on The Run – volunteer currently
• Bass Pro Fitness Festival “e-Chi Training” half-marathon training group - 2013
• TOPS –Chi/Walk talk to approx.  800 participants and leader of 250 participants in a Chi Walk –(4-5-13)
Cox Holistic Day - Stress Reduction Day - “Chi” presentation, October 10, 2013
KOLR10 “Ozarks Live” - Fitness week -
KY3 - “Fitness Friday” - June 21, 2013
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Sue Young-Johnson

Springfield, Missouri, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas




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