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Danny Dreyer Talks XeroShoes

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Tue Mar 10th, 2015, 2 comments

Sorry so late...great shoe sale ends Thursday! (March 12, 2015)


Hi folks,

Want you to know about our good friends Steven and Lena, at XeroShoes, who are launching their newest, coolest shoe/running sandals: The Z-Trek,
lightweight performance sandal. Flexible sole, open toes, and fits snug so you can run, walk, hike or do whatever you want in them!! Great summer water shoes.

See my video description here.

Get them on sale through Thursday, here.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do - Danny


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i will try this out!

Hugh LaPenotiere Aug 25th, 2016 01:58pm

I have these shoes and I love them.  I’m signed up for Danny’s clinic in DC and am wearing these to strengthen my feet and have been doing light workouts to practice my cadence.  They’re great on smooth surfaces and rough asphalt even, but the gravel really hurts my feet. I’m hoping as I go my feet will toughen up.

What are your thoughts?

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