#5 of 52 - Redefining the “Runner’s High”

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#5 of 52 - Redefining the “Runner’s High”

Many people tell me they like running because of the runner’s high they get. I don't blame them; I like to feel high when I’m running, too. But, I’d say that I’m more interested in having a “drug-free” runner’s high, meaning that I don’t want to become dependent on having an abundance of adrenalin or endorphins, serotonin and other natural pain-blockers running through my veins to make me feel good. I like to arrive at a runner’s high as a byproduct of running in a technically accurate, yet highly relaxed way; using the optimal blend of mind and body to do only what is required and nothing more. When I run this way there is no need for pain suppressants, from my body or the drug store. The runner’s high I experience is due to the fact that I’m not feeling pain and discomfort while running. What I do experience is feeling my feet lightly brushing the ground beneath me, the wind in my face, and the simple sense of my body moving through space, my heart and lungs beating and breathing rhythmically. And, of course, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.


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